The Wedding Plan

The Wedding Plan

The film is in Hebrew with English subtitles
When her fiancé bows out just before their elaborately planned wedding, an Orthodox Jewish woman gives herself, and fate, 30 days to find a suitable replacement in writer-director Rama Burshtein’s (Fill the Void) delightfully quirky romantic comedy.

Running Time
110 minutes
Release to DVD: T.B.A.

The Critics Comment

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Wall Street Journal/ Joe Morgenstern
The soul of Ms. Burshtein’s film lives in its lovely off-center encounters, since the men Michal meets turn out to be consistently interesting.

The N.Y. Times/Ben Kenigsberg
This prickly, delicately layered film from Rama Burshtein — an ultra-Orthodox director based in Israel — has the tangled ambiguity of a Talmudic lesson.

Washington Post/Mark Jenkins
The movie does have some elements of the rom-com genre: notably, a heroine who’s so zany that she schedules her nuptials without having a groom.

Variety/Jay Weissberg
There's much to enjoy in "Wall," as the heroine tests her resolve as well as her faith that God will provide her with a husband.

L.A. Times/Gary Goldstein
At its heart, the film is a kind of mystical fairy tale whose messages of belief, endurance, family and belonging transcend its memorably specific people and setting.

Detroit News/Tom Long
Unexpectedly rich, “The Wedding Plan” uses the frame of an apparent romantic comedy as a vehicle to study religious faith, loneliness, culture and inner turmoil.


Awards of the Israeli Film Academy Winner: Best Actress (Noa Koler), Best Screenplay (Rama Burshtein), Best Costume Design

Awards of the Israeli Film Academy Nomination: Best Film, Director, Editing, Sound, Casting and Makeup

Haifa International Film Festival Winner: Best Actress (Noa Koler)

Venice Film Festival Nomination: Best Film

Stockholm Film Festival: Best Film

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