Passive housewife and mother Agnes (Kelly Macdonald) feels trapped in her daily routine and only seems to find enjoyment in completing complex puzzles. Her controlling husband Louie (David Denman) doesn't approve of her activity and finds it childish. One day, Agnes sees a wanted ad requesting a puzzle partner. She meets Robert (Irrfan Khan), a wealthy recluse who appreciates her talent for puzzles and requests she be his partner at an upcoming puzzle competition. Against Louie’s wishes, she accepts. What ramifications will this have on her and her marriage.

Running Time
89 minutes
Release to DVD: T.B.A.

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Entertainment Weekly/Leah Greenblatt
Director Marc Turtletaub pulls thoughtful, carefully shaded performances from Denman, Khan, and, most of all, Scottish actress Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire, No Country for Old Men), who refuses to let Agnes be an easy avatar for midlife longing and suburban discontent.

Indiewire/Kate Erbland
Puzzle toes a tough line, managing to stay relentlessly good-hearted and deeply humane, even as Agnes herself plunges into deeper, more dramatic waters. It’s the kind of mid-life crisis story that so rarely centers on a woman and Macdonald shines in the role, riveting even in the quietest of moments.

Film Journal International/Tomris Laffly
Puzzle proudly wears its unfussy metaphors on its sleeve, while sidestepping trite clichés of stories about self-discovery. Its premise might sound dull, but this charming crowd-pleaser is thankfully anything but—so much that Puzzle might even restore your faith in remakes.

Los Angeles Times/Kenneth Turan
Macdonald has never starred in a film until Puzzle, and her delicate but deeply felt performance, along with the work of top Indian actor and costar Irrfan Khan and the rest of the cast, make this gentle, thoughtful yet pointed film the undeniable success it is.


Heartland Film Winner: Truly Moving Picture Award

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