Meditation Park

Meditation Park

Mina Shum (Double Happiness, Ninth Floor) directs an all-star cast ó including Cheng Pei Pei (Crouching Tiger Hidden Lion), Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy, Tzi Ma (Arrival), and Don McKellar ó in her latest feature.

Chang Pei Pei (Maria is a devoted wife and mother who makes a disturbing discovery which forces her to reassess her life and her reverence for her husband.

Filmed in Vancouver. Director Mina Shum was raised in Vancouver and most of the cast members are Canadian.

Running Time
94 minutes
Release to DVD: T.B.A.

The Critics Comment

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Susan G. Cole/Now Toronto
[Writer/Director Mina] Shum mines her favourite theme - immigrant experience in Canada - in what seems at first to be a gentle slice of life but eventually develops a powerful emotional force.

Alex Heeney/Seventh Row
With warmth and humour, [Mina] Shum subtly addresses the trauma and isolation of the immigration experience, as well as the challenges faced by second generation immigrants because of their parents' lasting trauma.

Shane Scott-Travis/Taste of Cinema
Bookended by a pair of pining yet positive 1960s-era pop songs from Chinese diva Chang Loo, Mina Shumís latest film, Meditation Park, bristles with passion and perseverance in a contemporary-set story of devotion, deliverance, and revision amongst an aging married couple at a crossroads.

Rice Paper Magazine
Styled as a comic domestic drama but hiding sweeping undercurrents, Mina Shumís crowd-pleasing fourth feature portrays a Vancouver family whose lives are jolted by a convergence of difficult revelations and bottled-up fissures.

Scema Magazine/ChloŽ Lai
When a film is chosen as the Opening Night Gala film for Vancouver International Film Festival, audience expectations are high. When that same film is directed by acclaimed indie filmmaker Mina Shum (Double Happiness) and features a slew of incredible actors like Cheng Pei-Pei, Sandra Oh and Tzi M, expectations soar. Yet even the highest expectations canít prepare audiences for the heartfelt magic of Meditation Park.


Canadian Screen Awards Nomination: Best Actor (Tzi Ma)

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