Burn Your Maps

Burn Your Maps

Burn Your Maps is based on the short story of the same name by Robyn Joy Leff. In this film adaptation, an eight-year-old boy named Wes (Jacob Tremblay) has an existential epiphany after a family tragedy, and becomes convinced that he is actually a Mongolian goat herder. He uses the help of an aspiring filmmaker to convince his parents to take a soul-searching journey to a village in Mongolia, where Wes believes he belongs.

The film's screenplay and direction is by Jordan Roberts (Big Hero 6, March of the Penguins)

Running Time
102 minutes
Release to DVD: T.B.A.

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Canada’s Jacob Tremblay proves that Room was no fluke. The adorable nine-year-old actor has high expectations to uphold after his award-winning performance in last year’s festival favourite, but he more than capably meets the challenge. Tremblay once again steals the film from his co-stars with a performance that is wise beyond its years with Burn Your Maps.

We Live Film/Ashley Menzel
All in all, Burn Your Maps is an excellent film that touches upon loss, rebirth and being true to yourself. Like life, the scenes in the film are happy, and some are sad but create a beautiful world in which one family heals themselves in a country far away.

Exclaim/Matthew Ritchie
Surprisingly, Burn Your Maps — a movie starring Canadian child star Jacob Tremblay as a boy who thinks he's a Mongolian goat herder — is one of the best films to confront ideas of gender and identity, in a time when such issues are finally at the forefront of society. Who could have predicted that?

Toronto Sun/Bruce Kirkland
Burn Your Maps, the odd yet inspirational story of an American boy who becomes convinced he really is a Mongolian goat herder after his parents hurtle into a marital crisis, is exactly the kind of intensely personal drama that belongs in film festivals.

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